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DiaWrap Films Compatible with Automatic Packaging Machines
DIAWRAP® is a multi-layer, co-extruded, transparent polyolefin stretch film with optimum properties. It does not contain solvent and phthalate plasticizers. In addition, thanks to its 3-layer structure, it provides a perfect seal by melting both surface layers.
Contact with DIAWRAP® Food complies with EU regulations.
These stretch films, which have an excellent brightness, work in harmony with automatic packaging machines. Very good barrier of oxygen, water vapor and carbon dioxide is an important feature of this product. It does not contain solvent and Phthalate and does not release hydrogen chloride if burned. It is a very suitable stretch film in terms of health. It is produced in 10.5, 11.5 and 12 microns.
In addition to the features of DIAWRAP® SUPER, it is a stretch film suitable for microwave use. It is produced in 7 microns.
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