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Flexible Packaging Films
We have many packaging products that do not contain solvents and antimonies, which are harmful for human health. With a wide range of colour, width and heat adhesion options, our products are compatible with flexible packages. Please get in touch with us, to determine the most suitable polyester film type for your area of use.
These transparent films are commonly used for packaging fresh food, such as vegetables and fruits.
We provide these films in foil forms or as oven bags, based on our client’s requirements.
These films are commonly used as lids for packaged foods They can easily adhare to all PET based products and they can be easily removed without leaving marks.
These microwaveable films are also highly resistant to tears and punctures.
These films are suitable to use with automatic packaging machines. One of the best features of this product is its ability to block-out oxygen, water steam and carbondioxide.
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